The Center for eLearning and Training  

Top quality support for eTutoring and eLearning Service Providers

The Center for eLearning and Training provides support in various forms to eTutoring and eLearning Service providers. Companies and educational institutions in the domain of online learning find that CeLT is their most trustworthy resource for highly skilled instructors, tutors, and subject matter experts  in different disciplines. The Center for eLearning and Training would be your best bet if you were looking out for scalable, reliable, round the clock e-tutoring and e-learning solutions that were high on quality an low on costs. 

  • I found the tutor very helpful and patient. Best thing is she allowed me to think for myself and made sure I understood what we had covered. "CeLT's e-Tutors provided invaluable support to the participants enrolled in our custom-MBA Programme as part of a project in Zambia . Their expert help and deft individual guidance in Quantitative Techniques, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, and Financial Management immensely helped our participants to understand basic concepts and their applications." 
    Peter Looney
  • Best Tutor, Made the problem very simple and easy to understand!!!
    Jacie Hanskraft
  • I really liked it the way tutor explained very well the things I was having trouble with...Thanks again!!
    Brenda Peterson
  • THE TUTOR WAS AWESOME. Believe me ….he was way better than my own teacher.
    Ben Clarke
  • the tutors were very helpful! my goodness! … they helped me really understand the material from the inside out.
    Michelle Powers
  • I learned a whole lot from this tutor, I feel I learned more from this session than I have from my teacher and the tutor that I have at school, I would recommend this service to my friends and all my classmates. Thank you for this special method of teaching.
    Jennie Petruzelli
  • What a wonderful experience. Very patient tutor, and MOST IMPORTANT … I liked that my tutor asked me questions along the way to really get me thinking. Such a great help!
    Shalimar Sheldon
  • lots of fun to learn in new method …. Very patient tutor … love it !!
    Cathy Okaru
  • CeLT's e-learning service has given us expert statistics tutors and timely service. We use them in our general online tutoring service, and in support of our short courses. Without CeLT, it would be impossible for us to offer these services.
    Peter Bruce