Our Track Record
  • 2010-11 – 71,000 hours
  • 2011-12 – 83,000 hours
  • 2012-13 – 122,000 hours
  • 2013-14 – 158,000 hours
  • 2014-15 – 156,000 hours
Company Profile

CeLT is a division of TechKnit IT Enabled Services Pvt. Ltd. A Pune based e-Learning company, it is backed by promoters who understand education and enterprise in equal measure. The Company was founded in 1998 by Dr. Nitin Patel and Dr. Cyrus Mehta, both of whom are world renowned academics associated for many decades with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Harvard School of Public Health respectively.

When it began, CeLT primarily concentrated on offering eTutoring services in Mathematics and Statistics to college and school students. Over a span of time, the center expanded its scope to include various under graduate level subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English Writing, IT, and Accounting and Finance.

CeLT's success story has been crafted with perseverance and inspired hard work. Over the fourteen years of its existence and over several hundred thousand hours, CeLT has offered highly skilled human tutoring and SME support to businesses and educational institutions. 

CeLT has been a guiding force for various teachers and students all over the world, acting as teaching consultants and ace subject matter experts at the same time.

Excellence, Reliablity, Scalability, and Timeliness are our Hallmarks.